Happiness spell jar - boost mood and attract happy vibes.


Our beautiful handmade spell jars unique and handmade with home dried herbs and flowers and sealed in a mini corked bottle with soy wax and a beautiful charm tied on with natural twine.

It's perfect if you are feeling a down or need a boost in your overall mood.

This spell jar contains marigold for drawing good luck and spiritual healing, jasmine flowers for encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits and basil for good fortune. It is sealed with yellow soy wax and has a sun charm attached.


Filled with intention to inspire stability and draw happy vibes, this spell jar is a wonderful addition to any self-love collection.

Happiness Spell Jar

  • Use however you like, it's perfect to simply place where you can see it or carry on your person/in your purse or in the office to feel those happy vibes. Or use contents in the jar to place around a yellow candle to create happy vibes.