Wiccan Happiness Spell Candle - Handmade 250ml vegan soy wax candle with essential oils and crystals.


A pale yellow, spell candle simply crafted to bring joy in abundance. The candle is infused with bergamot, basil, & pink grapefruit essential oils which are all associated with contentment and happy vibes.

Herbs of basil, jasmine & marigold (all associated with happiness) are beautifully matched with a blue agate crystal for emotional healing & calmness.

These beautiful handmade Waxywiccan spell candles come in a 225ml tin and burn for approximately 30-40 hours. Each one is unique and handmade with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free soy wax, crackling wooden wicks, 100% essential oils, home dried herbs, and cleansed and charged crystals.


Each candle is handmade to order therefore will be slightly different every time.

Happiness Spell Candle

  • Colour - Yellow
    Essential oils – Pink Grapefruit, basil, bergamot
    Herbs/flowers/spices – Basil, Jasmine, Marigold
    Crystals – Blue Agate
    Other – biodegradable gold glitter

    Product Weight0.23 kg

  • As with all candles never leave a burning candle unattended and keep away from flammable material, children and pets.

    Always keep a burning candle within sight.
    Extinguish all candles when leaving a room.