Your thoughts determine your feelings.

By spending time looking at your thoughts, expressing gratitude and transforming negative thought patterns, you will feel more positive, happy and alive!

Inside, you’ll find regular exercises to practise focusing on your inner happiness, inspiring quotes and Deep Dive exercises to fuel your positive mindset.

If you’re ready to tackle negativity and create new habits of positive thinking, then this will definitely help you. 

When you express gratitude for something, you experience deep joy. In a place of gratitude, your mind is humbly focused on things that make you happy, which is a double whammy – not only will you feel happy NOW, but you will also be creating more of these happy experiences for your future with the law of attraction.

Gratitude Journal

SKU: Happi03
  • There are four step-by-step exercises repeated throughout the book, which makes gratitude accessible and easy to express on a daily basis.

    You’ll find 10 bonus happiness exercises to help break the cycle of negative thoughts and generate a positive mentality.

    Alongside these exercises are 10 full colour inspiring quotes to lift you up.

     - Feel happier for no reason during the day

    - Attract more things into your life that you are grateful for

    - Cleanse & balance your heart chakra

    - Set a regular inner happiness spiritual practice