The Feel Good First Aid Kit.


Each self-care box includes a collection of specially selected and designed items by Angela Chick, including:

- A set of 5 positive postcards to send to your pals or hang on your wall.
- An A5 size 'Brand New Day' notepad planner to help you check in and organise your day.
- A bar of delicious smelling Sunshine Soap to help wash away your worries. Made with carrot, lemongrass and orange, unwrapping this soap is really like unwrapping a little bit of sunshine.
- A packet of 'Happy' sweets - something to suck on when everything sucks

- A bookmark to remind you to take time out.
- A wildflower seed packet to help you plant some positivity and grow through what you go through. Planting wildflowers helps the environment, the bees and you as you'll get to enjoy them and watch as the bees enjoy them!
- A pocket sized notebook for venting, because it's better out than in.
- A badge set of four wearable pieces of positivity.
- An A5 size positive art print to hang on your wall.
- A wristband as a wearable reminder that you deserve to feel good.
- 1 x Chamomile Tea Bag and 1 x Peppermint Tea Bag to help you unwind.


All packaged up in a themed box with recycled and recyclable shredded paper. The items in this box are free from animal derived ingredients.

Feel Good First Aid Kit by Angela Chick

  • Not suitable for children as the sweets come packaged like medicine and could cause confusion to a child.